A101 Acoustic Amplifier

Purity of Tone!

The ENGL A101 is a 150 watts all-round acoustic amplifier, designed to fullfill the needs of every performing artist. This amps is not only

for ycoustic guitars, but also for vocals and other instruments, like keyboards etc. With its warm and rich midrange and smooth and silken treble,

the A101 delivers an organic sound. Equipped with four different effects, this amp is a great solution for every live performance. The natural and

sophisticated design focuses on an extensive appeal. Due to the real branding on the sites, every amplifier is a unicum.

VS-10 Straight to Hell Distortion Pedal

If you want a really heavy and aggressive distortion, the STRAIGHT TO HELL pedal isthe perfect choice. In cooperation with guitarist and long-time ENGL family member Victor Smolski this pedal was designed to give you a maximum of clarity while being as aggressive as it can be. If you know the sound of the ENGL Victor Smolski Ltd Ed. you already have a clue on what to expect!

CH-10 Chorus Pedal

If you are looking for some great chorus sounds you should definitely try out the ENGL CHORUS pedal. Due to the controls for speed, depth, detune and vibr/chor you will find every sound that you desire.

DM-60 Delay Pedal

The DELAY pedal comes in a classical golden design and is equipped with two different delay times. x1 has a delay time up to 20-320msand x2 40-640ms. With the controls for level, repeat and the d.time you can adjust the delay to your own personal needs.

RS-10 Retro Overdrive Pedal

The RETRO distortion is based on the ENGL Retro Tube amp series and delivers a classical vintage sound.

BC-10 Reaper Distortion Pedal

The REAPER is a distortion pedal and can be described as a typical ENGL sound that you, for example, know from the Powerball II

BF-10 Compressor Pedal

One pedal that should not be missed is the COMPRESSOR. Whether live or in the studio, the compressor helps to make your sound even more perfect. Use the level, tone, attack or sustain controls to modify your personal sound.

PB-4 Pedal Board

The PB-4 is a pedal board for four pedals. This board runs with a secret connecting system, allowing you to only connect one pedal to a power source and feeding all other pedals through that. The power and signal will run undistorted through the pedal. Say goodbye to tangled wires!

PB-6 Pedal Board

The PB-6 is a  pedal board for six pedals. This board runs with a secret connecting system, allowing you to only connect one pedal to a power source and feeding all other pedals through that. The power and signal will run undistorted through the pedal. Say goodbye to tangled wires!

Special Edition E670

THE FLAGSHIP: The universe of sound in a single amp, optimized for the next generation of ambitious guitar players. 6 basic sounds and 24 switchable sound options to store 128 MIDI presets. From crystal clean to smooth iazz, from Texas crunch to pounding rock, from fat metal punch to screaming leads. 100 watts of mega-power. It doesn’t get much better.

Special Edition E670EL34

The universe of sound with that extra edge. Same features as the 6L6 power amp version, but featuring 100 watts with EL 34 power amp tubes cutting through any music style. More punch and dynamics in the upper midrange, designed with shimmering blue lights inside. The perfect choice for the demanding guitarist.

Savage 120 E610

THE LEGEND: one of the best-known ENGL heads, the Savage 120 sets new standards in modern rock music with its unique sound. Fast response and attack plus punchy headroom & dynamics are the trademarks of this workhorse. 4 basic sounds plus lots of handy features make the Savage 120 the ideal choice at the heart of a modern rock rig.

Screamer 50 Combo E330

If you want to play smashing rock with tamed gain, this should be the amp of your choice. Killing tube tone and incredible handling ease are the trademarks of this amp-line. Sparkeling clean, harmonic crunch and powerful leads are the goodies youíll get from our SCREAMER.

Z-15 Midi Foot Controller

Improved Midi footswitch including ports for 2 continuous controller (Expression…

Tube Poweramp E850/100

A new dimension of power, built in 2 rack units featuring the ENGL sound trademarks to discover new sonic experiences.
100 watts per side, 6L6GC driven including adjustable Depth Boost for low punch sounds and eternal headroom to power your rack system. The perfect base to build the wall of sound.

Gigmaster 15 E315

Sometimes big things really do come in small packages. This small-sized amp series offers incredible sound and possibilities. A perfect choice for the
demanding guitarist. The preamp section of the GigMaster delivers very warm and soft tone with plenty of punch and great distortion with rich sustain.
The combination of the preamp and the EL84 tubes in the power amp section
gives this amp a very organic and harmonistic sound.

Bass Rackhead E1030

Features at a glance:

Solid – State preamp with Class D poweramplifier, 500 W @ 8 Ohm up to 800 W @ 4 Ohm

E410B 4×10″ Pro Bass Cabinet

4 x 10″ plus volume controlable horn featuring four Celestion® BL 10-200X speakers and one Eminence® APT-80 horn. (8 Ohm, 1200 Watts)

E115B 1×15″ Pro Bass Cabinet

1 x 15″ plus volume controlable horn featuring one Celestion®…