Tube Poweramp E850/100

A new dimension of power, built in 2 rack units featuring the ENGL sound trademarks to discover new sonic experiences.
100 watts per side, 6L6GC driven including adjustable Depth Boost for low punch sounds and eternal headroom to power your rack system. The perfect base to build the wall of sound.

Front panel:

Volume A / B, Presence A / B, Depth A / B

Rear panel:

Speaker Outs (2 x 4 Ohm parallel, 2 x 8 Ohm
parallel, und 16 Ohm) Dual footswitch jack, silent fan,
Ground / Lift switch. (Z-3/Z-4)

Power amp:

Stereo, 100 watts per side, 3 x Ecc 83,
8 x 6L6GC

Dimensions & Weight:

48 x 8,8 x 35 cm, 18 kg (2 rack units)

Download: PDF Manual