Tube Poweramp E810/20

This amazing stereo tube poweramp with EL84 power tubes delivering 2 x 20 Watts with two poweramp channels Left and Right comes in a very compact unit through one rack unit height only.

Absolute authentic tube sound due to fully tube technology featuring the typical EL84 sound character!

Versatile sound creation options due to the sound set feature!

Front Panel:
• two channels
• Volume A / B for left channel
• Volume A / B for right channel • Presence A / B for left & right
• Depth A / B for left & right
• Input Gain Level switch
• Standby switch left & right

Rear Panel:
• 8 Ohms and 16 Ohms for each channel
• Ground lift switch
• Volume A / B and Sound Set A / B remote controllable via Z-4 footswitch or a switcher connected to the stereo footswitch jack
• very silent running fan

Power amp:
• Stereo, 2 x 20 Watts
• Four EL 84 Power tubes
• Three ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes and phase splitter tubes
• 19″ rack unit, 1U

Download: PDF Manual