Metalmaster E309

Introducing the new MASTER CLASS!

Master the challange with our new amp line starting with the  ENGL ROCK MASTER and the ENGL METAL MASTER.

Expect nothing less than true versatality and pure tube tones  in conjuction with modern features for recording and stage purposes. Make your choice and dedicate your amp to your style. Experience all the facettes of sounds at your fingertipps. It‘s all right there. In the new ENGL Masterclass. Made in Germany!


What else could be more exciting for a Metal player to play a dedicated amp build for hard riffs, screaming leads and fat rhythms? Check out the new  ENGL METAL MASTER. Experience the  punch and dynamics and the jaw dropping overdrive / distortion. No matter if 7 string guitars or dropped tuning, the METAL MASTER delivers. Get all the ranges of overdrive from 70ties Hard Rock, 80ties Metal to 2015 Ultra Low riffing.

Perfect EQ layout, pure all tube dynamics, Digital Reverb ,FX Loop and the Power Soak for all kinds of  Overdrive nuances in a  Hard’n Heavy design.  This amp is a true METAL MASTER !

• two channels (Clean and Lead) with separated Gain controls
• built-in digital reverb (switchable)
• Mid-Scoop (switchable)
• 3 Band EQ
• Power Soak for 8 & 16 Ohm cabs (20W, 5W, 1W, Speaker Off)
• Lead Volume Control
• Line-out balanced (frequency compensated)
• FX Loop (switchable)
• Preamp: 2 x ECC83, Poweramp: 2 x EL84
Download: PDF Manual