Delay Custom Pedal

We are proud to offer up a versatile, high quality solution for any live and studio situation.
The signal is completely analog to keep your original tone pure. Not least due to the
special selection of the components, the sound quality of this device is at a particularly high level.

The electronics assembly is protected by a high durable housing to offer you a pedal with the
highest possible long time permanency.

Power Supply
– 9V DC negative center
– zero loss reverse polarity protection circuit.
→ verlustfreie Schutzschaltung gegen Verpolung, Kurzschluss und Überspannung
– additional DC jack for daisy chaining
– 35mA power consumption

Mode Switch – M stands for MODERN and V for VINTAGE delay type.
MIX – MIX – This knob is essentially a wet / dry mix knob that lets you adjust the perfect balance to how saturated the effect feels. Left is less, right is more
DELAY – This Control adjusts the delay time. Left is shorter, right is longer.
REPEATS – This controls the amount of delay repeats. Left is less, right is more.
TRUE BYPASS – This Footswitch turns the pedal effect on and off. When the
effect is off, the signal is routed directly form the input to the output jack (True Bypass).