In this section you can find all the current manuals as an english (GB) and german (D) version for download. We also included manuals of discontinued models.

Retro Tube 100 E 765 [D] [GB]
Retro Tube 50 E 762 [D] [GB] Special Edition E 670 EL 34 [D] [GB] [I]
Special Edition E 670 [D] [GB] [I]
Artist Edition E 651 [D] [GB]
Invader II E 642/2 [D] [GB]
Invader 150 E 640 / 150 [D]
Savage 120 E 610 [D] [GB]
Steve Morse Sign. 100 E 656 [D] [GB]
Ritchie Blackmore Sign. E 650 [D] [GB]
Victor Smolski Ltd Editon E 646 [D] [GB]
Powerball 2 E 645/2 [D] [GB] [I]
Fireball 100 E 635 [D] [GB] [I] Fireball E 625 [D] [GB] [I]
Ironball E 606 [D] [GB]
Screamer 50 HEAD E 335 [D] [GB] [I]
Thunder 50 HEAD E 325 [D] [GB]
GigMaster 15 HEAD E 315 [D] [GB]
GigMaster 30 HEAD E 305 [D] [GB] [I]
MetalMaster Head E 304 [D] [GB]
RockMaster Head E 302 [D] [GB]

Retro Tube 50 Combo (Manual E765) + [D1] [D2] [GB1] [GB2]

Sovereign 1 x 12 E 365 [D] [GB]

Sovereign 2 x 12 E 368 [D] [GB]
Raider 100 E 344 [D] [GB]
Classic Combo E 350 C [D] [GB]
Screamer 50 E 330 [D] [GB] [I]
Thunder 50 E 320/322 [D] [GB]

GigMaster 15 E 310 [D] [GB] [I]
GigMaster 30 E 300 [D] [GB] [I]
MetalMaster Combo E 309 [D] [GB]
RockMaster Combo E 307 [D] [GB]

Special Edition Preamp E 570 [D] [GB]
Tube Preamp E 530 [D] [GB]
Tube Poweramp E 850/100 [D] [GB]
Tube Poweramp E 840/50 [D] [GB]

Tube Poweramp E810/20 [D] [GB]
Bass Rackhead E1060 [D] [GB]

Z-5 Footswitch [D] [GB]
Z-7 Midi Interface [D] [GB]
Z-9 Footswitch [D] [GB]
Z-10 Footswitch [D] [GB]
Z-11 Midi Switcher [D] [GB]
Z-12 Midi Footcontroller [D] [GB]
Z-15 Midi Footcontroller [D] [GB]

Z-16 Sound Wizard Module [D] [GB]

Digital Amps (all models) E 101 [D] [GB]
Screamer 100 E 340 [D] [GB]
Tube Toner E 430 [D] [GB]

Classic Head E 355 C [D] [GB]
Straight (all models) E 501 [D] [GB]
Tube Preamp E 520 [D] [GB]
Midi Tube Preamp E 580 [D] [GB]
Jive 30 Combo E 601 [D] [GB]
Tube Preamp E 620 [D] [GB]
Savage 60 E 630 [D] [GB]
Powerball E 645 [D] [GB]
Savage Special Edition E 660 [D] [GB]
Squeeze E 701 [D] [GB]
Road E 710 [D] [GB]
Sovereign 50 E 730 [D] [GB]
Sovereign 100 E 740 [D] [GB]
Tube Poweramp 830 E 830 [D] [GB]
Tube Rackhead E 860 [D] [GB]
Tube Poweramp E 920 [D] [GB]
Tube Poweramp E 930 [D] [GB]