Steve Morse

Deep Purple

"Congratulations, what a great amp! I love the fast dynamics, the tone and the bottom end of ENGL amps! I was sold on this amp even before I actually heard it, I love the design and the perfect sound for any occasion!"

Paul Stanley


"For classic power, punch and clarity, my ENGL wins hands down and eyes closed!"

Marty Friedman

"The Powerball is the simplest amp I have ever used. With all the settings completely FLAT (yes, FLAT!) it sounds great!! I just plug directly in and go. So for all of you who want to know my settings, that's it ..."

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal

"My Engl amp has exactly what I've been looking for - round warm mids, and more energy and balls than you could ever ask for in a modern amp. In GNR there's a wall of sound a guitar could easily get lost in, but the Engl bites right through it with distinct tone, character and clarity. All-tube, all-natural, punchy, warm, loud, ballsy, tone, personality, and MIDI-control - it's got it all."

Ritchie Blackmore

"Engl Amps are the best amps I've ever used - not only are they powerful, but they have texture and character too."

Glenn Tipton

Judas Priest

"Engl is the first ampline that I have ever used that not only has balls ... But Attitude, right out of the box!"

Richie Faulkner

Judas Priest

"When you can get onstage every night, play legendary songs from a back catalogue spanning 4 decades, and only use one amp...... that's when you know you have something special! Reliable, precise, powerful and dynamic: that's what I demand from an amp and that's what the Engl powerball 2 delivers"

Mick Box

Uriah Heep

Vivian Campbell

Def Leppard

"Playing with Def Leppard requires a variety of quality guitar tones; ENGL makes it possible"

Victor Smolski


ENGL - Sound of the raging beast.

Mark Zavon

Kill Devil Hill

"From crystal clean to massive gain, the Engl does it all - these amps kill!"

Paul Crook

Meat Loaf

"This is the first time I've been able to take a cable from my guitar and plug it directly into an amp."

Jen Majura


"The new ENGL Powerball II offers the perfect rock sound for my personal demands"

Christian Martucci

Stone Sour

"My search for the perfect sound has ended with the Retro Tube 100. I can walk on to any stage knowing that people are hearing exactly what I feel when I play. ENGL is my voice."

Marcos Rodriguez


"There's a before and a after, once you try a ENGL amp, My E646 VS is a beast ready to strike in any situation, either live or in the studio. ... ENGL is everything I was looking for, and even more!"

Sam Coulson


'I've been utterly blown away by ENGL amps. My Powerball 2 provides me with amazing and equally diverse tone. It is extremely reliable and really looks the business up on stage.'

Freddy Scherer


"This is the way a Rock n Roll Amplifier has to sound!"

Ken Hammer

Pretty Maids

"I've used my Fireball amps for many years now. The perfect choice for live and recording. I wanted it loud, and that's what I got ..."

Rene Shades

Pretty Maids

Scotty Alexander

"ENGL makes a country amp? You damn right they do...I was blown away at what came out of the speakers at me when I plugged into the RETRO TUBE 50. It has become the signature sound I was looking for as an artist and player. I’ve had every “country” amp made from boutique to standards and the ENGL is miles ahead in tone and quality.”

Dennis Hormes

Dennis Hormes Band

"Do you really Need a Statement ?? I Finally joined the Family!"

Marco Wriedt


"ENGL is a part of me!"


Die Toten Hosen

"Die Toten Hosen" on Tour with 4 x ENGL 4x12" Vintage Cabinets and 2x ENGL E670 Special Edition EL-34 heads!

Dirk Schlag

Santiano / Truckstop

"For me the Retro 50 or 100 is at the moment the only amp on the market that deserves the name "Retro". It impresses with its warm vintage sound and its incredible assertiveness. Moreover, it's versatile."

Christopher Hummels

Alexia Rodriguez

Eyes Set to Kill

I have shared the stage with so many musicians that rock ENGL amps and all I have to say is , why the hell am I not playing one yet? I love their powerful sound and can't wait to get a hold of my own!" Now that is going to change.

Herman Frank


"Drei Engl für Herman ... Since 20 years ENGL amps are giving me that heavenly punch and tone."

Rob Cavestany

Death Angel

My new Engl Amp has become a vital part of my live rig from the moment I got it. Brutal, sizzling, all out crushing modern tone is what I desire and Engl delivers! The interface is user friendly and that suits me fine because I don’t need all kinds of useless bells and whistles to clutter my setup. Don’t get me wrong, it has everything I need to give me total control over my tone! I especially dig the separate lo mid / hi mid voicing knobs on my E 530, I can totally dial in the exact sound that I hear in my head. All this in one single rack space tube pre-amp! To top it off, with all the touring that Death Angel does, the ease of transport due to its size is a Godsend. Customer service couldn’t be any better either! Engl ROCKS!

Michael Romeo

Symphony X

"As guitarist, we are always searching for that elusive tone in an amp that ‘does it all’. ENGL has created that amp! Silky, shimmering cleans - crunch with lots of punch and definition - and the Lead modes, with smooth high end, extremely tight bottom, and more gain than you could ever wish for. I really dig all the tone-sculpting and switching options, as well. From the crystal-clear clean channel to the brutal, ‘rip your face off’ high-gain modes, ( and everything in-between ) - this amp really does it all. It’s everything I’ve been searching for! Absolutely killer!"

Gary Holt


I've owned a lot of amps over the years, and still do, but they have all gathered dust since I got my hands on the Savage 120. Best amp in the world, bar none!

AC Alexander

Scotty Alexander

"From crystal cleans to soaring leads, and everything in between. I will not compromise... ...every note, every time, Only ENGL"

Ben Christo

The Sisters of Mercy

"Avenging ENGL: Unassailable power and versatility."

Jasio Kulakowski

Kobra and the Lotus

"Take everything great about German engineering philosophies and set forward with the goal of creating the most destructive sounding amp possible and you have ENGL. Uncompromised tone and clarity from the cleanest to heaviest settings, and the kind of growl you might expect out of a pissed off tiger. These amps roar!"

Jurekk James

Kobra and the Lotus

“Three words, BALLS OF STEEL! The ENGL amp range can do anything you can think of for as long as you desire. The craftsmanship, reliability, and tone of these amps is unbelievable.”

Wolfgang Niedecken


Garrett J Peters

"I'll never forget the first time I played through an ENGL. I felt like I had heard the perfect sound/tone, It was one of those, 'I can't stop playing this' type of amps. Now, having played most of the models, I'm still surprised by each and every one, and still get that same feeling I did when I played one for the very first time."

Simone Brigo


“When it comes to extreme metal, I have no doubt: Engl is the one and only choice. Its unique sound, the outstanding gain and the overall ferocity makes these amps weapons of mass destruction”.

Omar Grech


“With Engl you’re guaranteed to get a crushing sound both in a live and studio situation. The sheer heaviness and raging tones you can shape with Engl is second to none. On the upcoming Beheaded album I used the Engl Savage 120 and it is an absolute beast!”

Raphael Mattos


"When I recorded the 'Inner Monster Out' album in 2011, I had the opportunity to use an ENGL Fireball and that was when I finally found my sound. ENGL amps are simply the personification of Heavy Metal!"

Dom R. Crey

Equilibrium / Nothgard / Wolfchant

My new ENGL amp is exactly what I was looking for so long. Tight depths, warm mids and singing heights. It offers you more possibilities than a jet-cockpit but it’s easy to handle, an absolutely killer amp. It’s not easy to remedy ones smile after a show with these amps.

Axel Rudi Pell

Axel Rudi Pell

"The search for the ultimate Power Amp led me directly to ENGL!"


Axel Rudi Pell

"I take care of the groove, ENGL takes care of sound & power."

Yaelle Cinkey

Nicklas Sonne


"The ENGL sound - once you hear it, you're never going back, it's without doubt the best sound I've ever heard. No matter if you want the meanest bite, the heaviest growl, the tightest punch or the biggest balls - ENGL have it all"

Michael Sagmeister

„The Retro 50 is something to fall in love with. For me it is a great contribution for spreading the guitar mischief!“


Legion of the Damned


Legion of the Damned

Tony Clarkin


"It was just by chance that I first got to use an ENGL on the Rock Meets Classic tour. I liked it so much that I'm recording the new Magnum album using the Artist edition. I particularly love the sustain and punch the amp gives me - so much so that it's the first time in 30 years that I've changed my amp."

Stuart Smith

Heaven & Earth

"Engl Amplifiers give me the sound I've been looking for all my life"

Ferdy Doernberg

Axel Rudi Pell

Benjamin Lechuga


"Finally there's an amp that can fulfill each and everyone of my needs. No other amp could give me those killer riffs tones. It is an enourmous wall of sound. Simply the best amp to rock. Period."

Øystein G. Brun


"The ENGL Powerball 2 is as solid as a rock and sounds like a mountain- the perfect choice for BORKNAGAR"

Jen F: Ryland


"With a Powerball I can create havoc."



"One of the best sounds I ever heard. For years I had been looking for a amp that gives me flexibility. I found this in the ENGL SE from blues to heavy."

Tom Geldschläger


I've been using Engl-gear throughout my musical career in many different projects and situations. On stage, in the studio, in my work as a producer & mixing-engineer, Engl products have always been a part of it and have never let me down in terms of playability, durability and, of course, tone. Most recently, they´ve been a part of my work on Obscura´s "Akroásis", Pitts/Minnemann Project´s "The Psychic Planetarium" and my upcoming second solo album "Reverse Engineering". So it gives me great pleasure to be now officially working with this great company, whose family of artists includes some of my heros (Marty Friedman, Steve Morse, Ron Thal) and friends (Christian Münzner, Adrian Weiss). Thanks so much for the support!

Brian Tatler

Diamond Head

"I first came across ENGL amps in 2004 whilst recording the Diamond Head album 'All Will Be Revealed'. I had been using a different amp but it lacked gain for a more modern sound. I borrowed an ENGL Screamer 50 and fell in love with it. It had all the tone and mid range I was looking for coupled with tons of gain. It immediately became my main amp and have been using it for recording and live shows ever since. Since 2005 my Engl 50 watt Screamer and Diamond Head have been out on the road with Megadeth, Metallica, Thin Lizzy, Europe and numerous Diamond Head tours. This year sees Diamond Head hitting the US powered by Engl.."

Chris Monroy

Fueled By Fire

"When I first plugged into an ENGL I was blown away and couldn't get enough of it. Such a big sound and easy to use I knew right away these were the amps for me. Amazing tone and all the features I need all in one amp."

Hans Van Even

"Some amps sound OK, but ENGL amps are alive! The ENGL Retro 50 is pure magic, from vintage tones to high gain, this amp can do it all, exactly what I needed."

Jupp Bauer

The Lords

Robin Dirks

Words of Farewell

"This amp just blew me away completely! Wonderful rich and full tone, a fat punch and all with a versatility that lets you play any style of music. And that was just the Ironball!!! Come on, are you f***ing kidding me?!"

Erik Gassmus

Words of Farwell

"F*** me! I've never seen any other amp that compares to the simplicity and genius of the Fireball. It's simply amazing how such a humble set of controls produces a sound so bursting with bass, brilliance and pure power."

Evan K

"When I am thinking about the ultimate metal tone it's ENGL that comes across my mind. My ENGL Amps combine perfectly all frequencies and give real life and balls to my sound."

Snake Rocket

John Diva & The Rockets of Love

“Killer amp with killer sound and killer look – and it even dries my hair :D”

Okan Ersan

"Playing on an amp that has its own character just forces the musicality right out of you! Having dynamic and clean sound means you could play absolutely anything... Retro Tube 100 E765 is very dynamic, has great cleans and nice overdriven sound... Powerfull, built like a tank.... E765 is the real retro of the 21st century!"

Ben Granfelt

Ben Granfelt Band

"Once you've plugged in - you won't plug out !"

Ivan Ivankovic

"I've always been a fan of cristal clear and powerfull heavy guitar sound, and when I tried Engl that blew me away! I use Engl Powerball 2 and It is the best amp head that I ever played ,great for that dark but very clear tones that I just love!"

Sebastian Bach


"For me an amplifier does not only have to deliver a clear tone – it has to be a source of inspiration which attaches something "special" to the sound. I found my holy grail in the combination of the ENGL E-570 Special Edition Preamp and the ENGL E-850/100 power amp. Nothing compares..."

Brandon Davis

Lion Lion

"Every guitar player spends ample time over the coarse of their career searching for their own tone. After trying all sorts of amplifiers over the years, my Powerball truly provides the perfect tone for me." Pic by Christian Napolitano

Dushan Petrossi

Iron Mask

I tried many amps in my career but ENGL has that special alchemy I was searching for years, not only they sound great for soloing but when I need trashy and more extreme or aggressiver rythmic guitars, ENGL got that perfect precision and lower tone with no need for extra boost nor additional gain. I plug my instrument STRAIGHT in the amp and play. I chose the Blackmore amp coz it’s simply the best out of many other great sounding ENG armada of perfect amps and it’s suits my playing the best.

Eric Barnett

Points North

“My introduction to ENGL was truly a revelation. The absolute highest quality end to end, features and design well thought out with the player in mind, complete consistency in all situations and environments, and most importantly stellar tone. From pristine cleans to bluesy growls to warm searing lead tones, the Retro does it all. And last but not least, the most amazing “touch sensitivity”. It makes the communication from my head and heart to my fingers feel effortless, which is all I could ever hope for. “

Rami Mustafa


"I've always dreamed of an amp that delivers the most brutal gain tones which is tight, heavy as hell, yet precise and smooth and ENGL made my dream come true! I currently play the ENGL E670 Special Edition head with 4x12" Pro cabs loaded with Celestion Vintage 30s and this combination delivers it all! It brings you a world of tones! From shimmering cleans to crunchy distortions to brutal high gains and everything in between. Absolutely versatile yet with no compromise in brutality! It is my privilege to be part of the ENGL family."

Barney Ribeiro


"When playing extreme music, you need to have a guitar tone and sound that just doesn't compromise. I've played around with various tube amps for years but none of them cut it the way the ENGL Powerball does. Razor sharp highs, huge mid range and enough low end and depth to move the stage under your feet. Having a brand like ENGL with me on stage or in the studio makes me more confident as a guitar player. It fuels my energy, enhances my performance and always re-assures me that there really is no other high gain amp in the business that can match the Powerball's capabilities. It's an absolute honor for me to be a part of the ENGL family."

Masaki Murashita


The Fireball totally blew me away. All the Engl amps have their own uniqueness and the quality is second to none.

Markus Steffen


„After years of recording, touring and looking for the right amp I can truly say now, that my ENGL is the definition of sound.“



"Power, punch and versatility ñ thatís why I fell in love with ENGL-amps. In FEUERENGEL, we need a noise-free, ass-kicking sound with heavy bottom. With ENGL amps I am able to realise exactly that sound I have been looking after for years."

Daniel Behrmann


"ENGL amps: the best sound I ever had. Sounds from crystal-clear to brutal-punchy are possible and they stay transparent all the time. And then there is a flexbility no other brand offers. I will never play anything else again." Pic by: Andreas Schiweck

Tina Guo

"I have played my electric cellos through every kind of amp, but ENGL amps sound AMAZING and are by far my favorite. The fat tone and range of sound I can get from just within my Powerball 100 in itself are extraordinary. I'm excited to be playing through these amps exclusively during my upcoming tour with the Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson "The Immortal" World Tour."

PJ Zitarosa

Two Hundred Feet

"I've never heard an amp so mean, clean, and terrifying all in one!"

Jimmy Gee

"The Engl kick my ass on stage. No other amplifier has this power and this dynamic. In this amplifier, devils and angels live together. Just like me!"

Adrian Weiss


"Working with an ENGL amp your never really trying to find a decent sound. The sound is great from the start and your only using the switches and controls to make it perfect. I used an ENGL on both my solo albums and the incredible thing is: No matter if it’s the leads, the rhythm or the clean sound – it´s all there, the heaviness, the power, the beauty - all in one amp."

Vladimir Tupikov

Mongul Shuudan

"Don't waste your time looking for a cool modern guitar sound. Take ENGL and do your thing."

Elena Seagalova


"ENGL is the essential part of my sound. ENGL is the combination of a real German quality and unlimited palette of sound that makes it possible to implement most impudent and unexpected ideas."

Steffen Kummerer


"If you need a bunch of different setups but also prefer the extreme energy and warm sound of a tube amp - the Engl E840/50 tube poweramp combined with an Engl preamp is the best soltution to get a crystal clear but powerfull attack!"

Sandro Giampietro


"My Engl Amp delivers every tone in such a musically way, that it seems as if it could read my mind ! It sucks the notes directly out of my Head, makes them huge and screams them to the audience. This secret weapon will change you’re way of playing !"

Erwin Suetens


"If there's one thing you can take into combat, it's an ENGL stack. It will blow everything away with raw power, guaranteed no survivors... Fireforce is riding into battle, supported by the Invader – join our forces!"

Nick Quijano

"Whether In the studio or on stage, Engl Amps have all the Punch, Clarity, and Tone to cut through. No other amp I've played has been so versatile! Stop messing around with other inferior amp/effects pedal combinations. Engl is the real deal right out of the box! Engl Amps will always be a part of my signature sound."

Ole Hartvigsen


We have played on lots of different backlines, but only when there's an ENGL involved, we know we'll get killer sound! ENGL never let us down!

André Mertens


When I first plugged in I thought, hell this is just that sound ! The Sound I always wanted, it´s aggressive, loud but totally dynamic! It sings, it screams, it´s just a wall of sound! It doesn´t matter if it´s live or in the studio, the Engl Blackmore Signature E650 delivers perfectly and in every situation! I never had a better amplifier. They are not just powerful but have their own character and plenty of tone. It´s like a dream come true!

Eduardo O Gil


"These beautiful machines are truly built for metal. Awesome extreme tone and is also perfect for sparkling cleans. When you're in a band like Sifting you'll need the best of both worlds and this is the way to go! Love these amps!"

Andrea Neri

Stage of Reality

I use Invader 100 since 2012, it was love at first note. Never had something so versatile before, you can really shape your own sound and bass frequencies are always focused and sharp. With Stage of Reality I need to switch quickly from a smooth crunch to a sharp metal hi-gain rhythm and thanx to Engl Invader 100 this is possible and each channel got a warm huge tone.

Mats Hedberg

Jean-Yves Braun

The Engl Retro Tube combo is a very versatile amplifier. In any style of music the Retro Tube will provide you with a great guitar sound and is very easy to handle. Thank you very much for the endorsement!

Erik Martensson


Julian Scarcella

Marcus "Rooky" Forstbauer

Freakwave Metal Cover / Hammercult

I play guitar for more than 20 years and producing bandsfor about 10 years and I´ve always been looking for „my sound“, like every guitarist, I guess. When I got the ENGL 530 a few weeks ago, I couldn´t wait to record with it….ENGL proofed it again: that (pre)amp has that „raw“ and „dry“ sound I need for the metal I´m playing (sometimes the tuning goes down to drop A) ….I need no post-EQs and the sound comes through anyway, just amazing! I really dig it!

Michael Hoffmann

No Vegyzz

I'm an ENGL freak since I bought myself an ENGL Road back in the last century. That was about that time when I threw away my Tube Screamer.

Tom Eder


Callum Downing


From glistening cleans, to a smooth crunch, the Engl Retro 100 sings. But with so much rage tucked away in there I've found that it delivers the angriest, most punishing metal tones I've ever had! All whilst being extremely simple to use. Cheers Engl!!"

Olli Roberts


The Invader 2 gives me all the aggression, power and dynamics I need in an amp. Couple that with its multitude of options and switching ability and its just a joy to play through night after night! From chugging rhythms to fluid leads its a killer amp!"

Johnny Moraes


"I´ve been using ENGL amps since 2010, on the recordind of Hevilan´s first record, "The End of Time". The Fireball head really made the difference on my guitar tones, standing out among many other brands we had in the studio. When you want that heavy thick chunky tone, with beautiful harmonics, you can surely rely on any ENGL amp head. Absolutely killer machines!!!"

Michael Müller

Jaded Heart

"I fell in love with this powerful and versatile amp right after I first tried it. Easy to dial in the perfect rock tone. The Iron Bass kills!"

Timo Schramm


„ENGL Amps is an essential part of my sound. As a guitarist and luthier I can say that I have found a sound that encompases my playing style as well as the characteristics of my instrument and with tons of power! Only ENGL gives me the crisp and direct responsiveness that I up until now have never seen anywhere else. These amps drives my MONSTA sound to the maximum!“

Sammy Lasagni

Gods of Silence

"The ENGL Savage 120 gives me everything I need on stage or in the studio, a brilliant clean sound, a crispy crunch sound and a killer distorted sound. I tried many other amps but there is no one like the Savage 120, it’s the perfect amp for every situation. It’s a killer!"

Patrick "Pyro" Deckarm


„The sound is incomparable and clear. If you are on stage or in the studio , you always can count on your ENGL! Furthermore ENGL is very reliable on tour, because it’s a tough amp. It endures huge loads like coldness and heat. Every metal guitar player needs an ENGL amp to convince their crowd!!! My favorite amp is VICTOR SMOLSKI , because it hamonises great with my Jackson guitars.“

Rocky Kramer

"The German engineering behind an ENGL Amp is every bit as tight as it is with a Porsche, and my 4 channel Powerball II is definitely a turbocharged 911. ENGL amps are engineered by the best, and played by those who demand the most!"

Zoltan Vary

Kiss Forever Band

"As Starchild in the official No.1 european KISS tribute band it's a must for me to have the same equipment what Paul Stanley has - I wanted the best and I just got the best!"

Eugen Caberra

Micky Vega


"It is small and light enough to travel with It, but has as many features as the biggest amps in the market. I am proud of being a member of the ENGL family".

George Constantine Kratsas

Jan Zehrfeld


"Für den Panzerballett'schen krassen Jazz-Metal brauche ich einen ebenso krassen Amp von hoher Flexibilität mit Dynamik, Präzision und Wärme. Genau das liefert mir der Engl E570: Von perlendem Jazz- über knackiges Funk-Clean bis hin zu klar definierten Abrissbirnen-Brettern und samtig-bissigen Hi-Gain-Leads ist alles möglich. Krass!"

Daniel Baum

Darkest Horizon

The ENGL Invader combines two important facts. Is has enough power for monumental rhythm sound walls but never lacks the required precision for fine riffing.

Siggi Schwarz

"THE ENGL RETRO - what a great Amp! Vintage Clean, Classic Rock Crunch & High Gain with Balls - The Retro can do it all ! Exactly what I needed!"

Matthias Koch


“His aggressive and dirty but always clear sound made me chose the E650 Ritchie Blackmore as my favorite amp. If you need punsh and high gain, ENGL is your choice.”

Gerd Hery


You’re looking for pure tube power, aggressive rhythm shredding and singing leads? ENGL is the THING. German Engineering at its best.”

Karim K

"I knew that I wanted the best tone & versatility in a amp and I found that in ENGL...there can be only one"

Michael Abdow

Fates Warning

"The Engl E570 (Special Edition Pre) was my first high-end amp, years ago. Coming full circle and being involved with Engl now is truly special to me. With the E656 (Steve Morse), I am able to dial in exactly my tones night after night and room to room, without compromise. It has big bold character and a feature set that offers total control for any gig. The amp quite simply sounds beautiful and is an inspiration to play. I love it."

Thierry "T-Warrior" van der Zanden


After playing on several ENGL Amps for some years I wouldn't settle for less. The style "Combat Metal" I'm playing now needs balls and that's where my Invader II stands for. Horns Up & Join Our Forces!!!

Andreas Arnold


Wir sind sehr stolz darauf, dass Engl unser neuer Endorsment-Partner ist. Engl passt perfekt zum rockig, metallischen Unherz Sound.

Zozi Fernando

Blackning / Chaos Inc

Engl gear: Savage 120, 4x12 Pro Straight Vintage and z3 footswitch

Michel Oliveira

Code 3-7, Seven Seals of the Apocalypse, Judas o Outro

Michel uses ENGL Metalmaster 20 Head



"I couldn´t be more excited to officially work with ENGL. The amps have been with me and RIMFROST for our entire career, every record has been recorded with an ENGL and they always deliver. The perfect amp for heavy, fast rhythm playing, and the lead is easy to get nicely placed in the soundstage. I found my dream rig with this excellent piece of German engineering and I am hooked! If you want a kick in the face, plug in an ENGL and turn it up! If you don´t feel it you`re probably dead!"

Rogerio Torres

John Wayne / Cosmos

"I've been using E-650 Ritchie Blackmore signature for the last four or five years and i definetely found out my tone in it. My sound has to be super tight and poweful due to the style i play, metalcore, progressive metal/djent. This amp satisfies incredibly well all my needs. I recorded 2 albums with this head and the result is completely killer! Currently i'm tracking guitars for my second solo project called COSMOS and i'll use E-650 as well! I play guitar since i was 13 and my main influences are Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Edu Ardanuy and Kiko Loureiro. I play in a band called John Wayne (metalcore) since 2010 and Cosmos (progressive metal/djent) since 2016."

Giacomo Anselmi

“ Engl for me is a masterpiece. Straight into the amp, plug and play. Simply awesome. “

Jamie Patel

‘The Savage 120 is one of the most definitive tone machines in metal and cannot be matched. Time and time again it’s one of the only amps that delivers the exact sound I have in my head. Thank you ENGL!’

Gretchen Menn

"My Engl SE 670 EL 34 provides fantastic flexibility--the tonal spectrum goes from pristine to thunderous. It tracks and articulates beautifully, even at higher gain settings. I absolutely love it."


“ Engl Amps are simply the best in build, quality and performance. The tones that I can get from my Powerball 2 are unmatched to any other amp I’ve played on. It’s the perfect fit for me and my music. The heavy crunch tones are the gnarliest ever but without drowning out the notes played and picking up on every attack of the strings. The clean channel is pristine and beautifully articulate. The Powerball 2 along with the Z9 foot switch together are limitless in the studio or live on stage. I have finally found the amp that gives me everything I’ve been looking for. “ Photo Credit: C7 Photo

Richie Castellano

Blue Oyster Cult

"There are no limits with Engl amps. You'll never turn a knob all the way up and wish you had more. There's plenty of gain, and all of the tone controls sound awesome. These amps will get you the sounds that you've been chasing!"

Andre Olbrich

Blind Guardian

Vinnie Moore


"These amps sound great! Very thick and smooth with great sustain. I have been using the Special Edition, Powerball, and Classic and have gotten awesome tones out of all of them both in my studio and LIVE with a band. All 3 of these heads add something to the sonic toolbox and it is cool to have them in the studio."

Craig Goldy


"The Search is over! ... My 20 year quest for the guitar tone I've heard only in my head is now a reality! The Savage and the Powerball ... absolutely amazing! The Search is truly over!"

Tony O'Hora


Matt Bachand

Shadows Fall

"20 years and dozens of amps later, I have finally found the sound I have been looking for. Powerful, clean, and in your face. No more messing around with pedal chains to find the tone I want as ENGL's are almost too easy to dial in. It's virtually impossible to make these amps sound bad."

Van Lange

In Extremo

Chris Impellitteri

"Engl amplification is by far the best product I have used in years. These amplifiers are extremely versatile because they can produce just about any sound imaginable. The clean tone is crystal clear and absolutely beautifull; the Crunch and High Gain stages are Jaw-dropping. In fact, I call these amplifiers Beauty and the Beast !!! As many people know, I tend to play Extremely Fast and Clean which means I need an amplifier that can track quickly and clearly, fortunately Engl keeps up with my shredding and asks for more !! Great job Engl !!!!"

Rudolf Schenker


Check out the SCORPIONS on tours, TVshows and whatever else media worldwide ...

Buck Dharma

Blue Oyster Cult

"When you plug into an Engl amp, it's instant vibe. The way Engl does gain, there's a taut, resilient power you feel immediately under your fingers. You're going to sound, and play, better. No kidding."

Kai Hansen


"I started playing ENGL amps during the 'Keeper Of The Seven Keys 2' recording session. Despite numerous tries I still stuck on those powerful amps. Henjo and me also recorded the new GAMMARAY album 'Land Of The Free 2' with ENGL amps. Some things just stay good"

Henjo Richter



Saltatio Mortis

"To me, Engl represents a modern, well-defined heavy rock sound, that has not forgotten its roots of rock'n'roll"

Jean Méchant

Saltatio Mortis

"Cuts through a wall of bagpipes, delivers warm and shimmering clean sounds and hits you right in the face with hi-gain if you need it... Engl manages all this easily and stays unique. Thank you!"

Bob Kulick

"Comparing the Engl Powerball Amp to all the other amps at the Studio was like comparing Godzilla to Bambi! The Engl ate them up and spit them out! Truly impressive."

Sharon Aguilar

Cee Lo Green

"ENGL is the only amp that I have never had to add any effects to, in order to reach my perfect tone."

Roope Latvala

“Get and feel the real deepness of the tubes.”

Milan "Mille" Loncaric


"Wherever I am, studio or live...since I'm a member of the ENGL family I feel secure in every situation! Of course, I expect nothing than the best...or as we say: highs without lows!... but what comes along with ENGL by your side is strength, power and passion! I finally found what I always searched for...something worth dying for!"

Tony Spinner


"My Engl Classic Tube 50 Combo rocks! It has a great crunch rhythm and the smoothest overdrive that works with my strat or Les Paul. Very versatile, very satisfying!"

John Gallagher

Dying Fetus

"I love Engl heads and cabinets for the style of brutal death metal that Dying Fetus delivers. They have tons of gain, great focus and killer harmonic overtones. On our latest album "Descend into Depravity" we used the Savage 120 head and it totally destroys! I am addicted to the Engl sound and tone and will continue to use them and crush audiences worldwide!"

Lee Altus


"Finally an amp that has all the features I've been looking for AND the tone to go with it. Purely crushing!"

Elias Viljanen

Sonata Arctica

My Engl serves my needs perfectly. I get all the sounds from clean and rhythm to lead out of it. It's cool to have "all in one", especially when you tour a lot. And the sounds are just phenomenal! And trust me, I´m really picky about my tone.. Good,Better,ENGL !!



"Engl Powerball miraculously fits my outrage, and shakes my great balls of frost!"

Running Wild

Wild, famous German Metal Band worldwide on tour with 30! 4 x 12" Vintage Cabinets. Singer / Guitarist Rolf Kasparek uses 2 Savage SE heads, Guitarist Bernd Aufermann uses the Special Edition EL 34 head, Powerballs and 580 Tube Preamp.

Anton Modig


"ENGL's versatile and pure sound meets all my live and studio needs. I have yet to find a setting that sounds bad on my Powerball. And it looks good too!"

Aron Parmerud


"ENGL has a tight a powerful sound that is exactly what I need. The distortion sound is aggressive and sounds great in any context"

Karl Sanders


During a Nile tour across Europe , one of my Amp-Heads I had been using from a rental company died mid -tour, minutes before show time . Luckily , as fate would have it , the backline company had thoughtfully sent along an Engl Head as a spare . Totally under the gun - with the clock ticking down upon us , in only a few precious moments - I was able to dial up a supremely brutal tone with the Engl –and easily incorporate the Engl channel switching into my current rig . During the course of our live set that night ,I was so blown away by what I heard that I used the Engl for the rest of the tour . I have never EVER EVER heard that much savage yet wonderful clear articulate musical tone – and never before heard my own leads in such gloriously musical detail – as with the Engl. Engl Amps deliver when it counts !

Jussi Wickström


My amp sounds like 1000 men marching to war. Aggressive and powerful with amazing clarity. My amp is build to last a nuclear war. My amp is built by ENGL

Luca Turilli

Luca Turilli's Rhapsody

“We recently did a long tour all over the world in November/December 2010 through Russia, Asia, Latin America and South America and got in touch with many different amps and cabinets as rental backline on this tour. It was always by far the best guitar sound when we got Engl equipment. Therefore no doubt about the amps we are going to use in the upcoming years starting from the next European tour already. Rhapsody Of Fire are really proud to be part of the glorious Engl family!”

Bernd Kost


"The best friends since '96. Savage 120: Killer sound, solid and reliable."

Yossi Sassi

I'm a constant explorer of sound and creative boundaries, and have always strived for amplification that can meet my demanding and pioneering Middle-Eastern Rock Guitar extravaganza. luckily, Engl have created such an amp.

Franck Potvin


"This head is so fuckin’ versatile delivering a depth and clarity in tone that is unparalleled. The Savage 120 is perfect for massive sound with brilliance in precision."

David Potvin


"For absolute precision and aggression with massive distortion and tone clarity the Savage 120 is the only one for me, especially coupled with my KT88 tubes for a devastating knock-out in sound definition!"

Michael Bradford

"The Engl Amps give me exactly what I need in the studio and on the road, every time. Clear clean sounds, plus crushing rock tones of every description. Beautiful and Deadly! The perfect combination!"

Alex Hagenauer


Purity, intensity and overwhelming power, that's what Disbelief needs and what Engl gives me in an impressive way

Roby De Micheli

Rhapsody of Fire

"The Engl amp has exactly what I've been looking for : warm mids,awesome gain and more energy and power than you could ever ask for in a modern amp. .... The Engl tone is a personal tone,with definition and clarity. All-tube, punchy, warm, loud,reliable... is the dream for all guitar players."

Andreas Filippou

Cherries on a Blacklist

If music is a language, then ENGL is my voice

Juan Juarez

Bonded By Blood

"Simply just amazing! First time plugging into an ENGL I knew right away this was the amp for me. Very powerful and huge sounding but yet very articulate."

Alexander Lee

Bonded By Blood

"ENGL amps have that extra juice that I've always needed in an amp. Massive sound with the flexibility to get anything you'd like to achieve in your sound, it's amazing! My search for the perfect amp is finally over. Go with ENGL!"


Die Apokalyptischen Reiter

"It was a hard long miserable trail to find my personal sound but what I found rewards all the pain. Since the first time the Engl spoke, I knew that's the holy grail of tone and I'm heaven a bit closer. Now the Engl speak every night and not only to me."

Christopher Grünberg

Black Sun

"After several years trying to find the perfect amp, I found the Engl Fireball, a German monster for every battle behind my back."



I've tried to find amps that give me enough power and distortion, but still sound clear and natural. Since I play ENGL the search is over. No more pedals or preamps, just plug in and devastate.

Sven Lüdke

Mob Rules

"I trust ENGL amps since many years. Since I play the POWERBALL, I can't imagine playing any other amp. The search has an end!!!"

Marko Palmén


"When it comes to Death Metal the way it should be there is only one choice for Me - ENGL! Superb tone, distortion and probably most important of all - the midrange. It sounds like a 60 ton truckster coming roaring down the highway..."


The Bones

"Even if I have a shitty monitor sound I always know that I can take a couple of steps back towards my ENGL and enjoy every note I hit. It kicks my ass every night."

Stefan Johansson


"I have always been a traditional guitarist when it comes to amps (you know, "go with the flow" kind of guy) not knowing exactly what I was looking for. Then a friend of mine told me about the Engl Powerball 2 and that I really ought to try it out. I did! And I was not disappointed! The diversity and attack of this amp is off the charts! The way I can shape my tone and low end, is something I can strongly relate to. I can get the crystal clear leads I need, and I can get the low end to support my seven strings! This amp really goes to eleven for me!"

Kristian Larsen


"With Engl amps and cabinets, things just got a lot easier for me. Fast, attack based, precise and heavy sounding no matter which knob I turn. The Engl amps are born heavy sounding and with the mid-range frequency I've been looking for... so for me it's a perfect match!"

George Lambrou

Cherries on a Blacklist

Crank up the clean channel of a Fireball E625 and put your favorite overdrive pedal in front of it. Result: the punchiest "nu-vintage" sound ever!

Patrick Harrington


"The first time I tried an ENGL I knew I have to had one, and three years on my special edition continues to surprise me with it's versatility, reliability and sheer tone! Engl have become an integral part of Neonflys' sound, both in studio and as a workhorse on tour over the past few years, I couldn't see myself using anything else."

Martin Johnson

Boys Like Girls

"Why do I love ENGL amps? Gain for Days, a Crunch that rival’s the Captain, and one of the sweetest shimmering cleans I’ve heard in a nice small roadworthy package."

Marius Bos

Chainsaw Disaster

"ENGL amps are all about power without sacrificing brightness or clarity. Its tones are pure and there’s no unwanted noise underneath the sound you’re using. Dynamic and yet so steadfastly. ENGL has proven to be a truly great amp."

Dave Disco

Chainsaw Disaster

"My first expirience with ENGL was actually with a live peformance. I was blown away by the clearness for both rythm and lead parts. ENGL simply has just the tone i've been looking for."

Dirk Schönfeld

Just Pink

Our P!NK tribute show JUST PiNK needs a great variety of sounds - from clarity to screaming lead sounds. The Powerball II makes it!

Nige Rockett


"For many many years I have been in search of what I believe to be the ultimate guitar tone, I have tried virtually every amp / cabinet there is, but nothing was right until I played thru an 'Engl E850/100 valve power amp' and 4 ENGL 4x12's ... The tone was massive and gain was awesome but all with incredible clarity - needless to say wherever I play in the world, my amp comes with me ..."

Bart Vandeportaele

Spoil Engine

"The new powerball 2 blows any other amp i've played with out of the water. My rhythm chugga chugga cuts through the mix like a hot knife through butter. Totally approved by the tone police!"

Steven Sanders

Spoil Engine

"The Invader reminds me of my first girlfriend: ultra tight, massive low end and louder than everything else."

Peter Jordan

Phillip Porter

Siren's Cry

"Take the roar of Typhon, combine it with the enticing voice of an ancient Siren and give it the captivating looks of a succubus - what you get is a mirage. ENGL took this sonic illusion and brought it to life! A roaring bottom end, singing mids and soaring treble all combined with a sophisticated design and a dauntless look! ENGL is rolling all others are stoned!"

Jonas Khalil

Sacred Steel

"These are the most authentic and transparent amps I have ever played! No matter if you¥re looking for the brightest clean- or the heaviest high gain-sound, the ENGL has got it! By the way itís a MONSTER!!"



The Engl Invader has all the sounds I need for Nemesea! Heavy, tight, unique and very powerfull, a great clean tone and the luxery to design and use a lot of different presets/ sounds because of the midi programmable function! The Engl Invader is my dream come true!

Chris Haffner


No other amp can beat my ENGL. Best sound, best workmanship, best look, best company, best distribution in my country. ENGL, what else ... ?

Frederick Thunder


"I've been using the Powerball II almost since Neonfly started, it's got great tone and it's really versatile from clean to high gain stuff, this amp really delivers. It's fun and easy to use, that's why I love it."

CJ Hale


"I spent years trying different amp manufacturers until in 2009 I discovered the Fireball and haven't looked back since. The Fireball offers road ready reliability and of course a brutal metal sound! Engl amps deliver everything, from sparkling cleans to crushing lead tones and everything in between."

Jens Basten


If you wanna play an ENGL amp, you´ll have to get a firearm license first. I got mine now! Thanx to ENGL for this wicked piece of craftmenship and giving me a chance to become a member of the ENGL family!

Stephen Murphy


"The ENGL Invader has an array of awesome metal tones, heaviness, power and versatility like no other guitar amp around today! Live and in the studio ENGL amps are my only choice!"

Benny Mertens


"The versatility of those amps is phenomenal, you can get any sound you want. I play the Powerball II and what can I say, great sound, great punch, great design, this head is a monster. ENGL, you won't regret it!"

Roberto Weise


"Those amps have the clear, punchy and the defined sound that I expect from a perfect amp. ENGL is a great brand and for me the master of sound!"

Michael Soininen


"ENGL amps provide the clean and crunch combination that I record and play live with straight out of the head. Their sonic, construction and aesthetic qualities are second to none. Versatile, flexible and built like a Panzer tank!"

Fredrik Nordström

Dream Evil

"My Engl Savage 120 has been my best guitar sound weapon since 1996! In the studio it has always been the first choice for recording all kinds of metal guitar. I have compared it with all the well known Amps but my Savage 120 has always had the best sound, this is in my opinion a mile stone in metal guitar sound!!!"

JP Brown


I've been hooked on Engl since the first time I plugged into the Savage 120. I literally plugged into it, changed a few dials and recorded an entire cd with it...on the spot! I was blown away by the incredibly articulate clean crunch and ferocious bite of the amp. I now play an SE head with the XXL and standard Engl cabs. There isn't a heavier, more versatile amp out there. Engl is the new sound of Heavy Metal.

Karl Cochran

"I've been looking for an amp, that would give me a warm sounding tone for the last few years. I found that only in ENGLamps. These monsters also deliver the goods in the studio and provide me with reliable forces when laying down tracks ... I've tried the rest ... but these are the best! "


The True Mayhem

"ENGL got the biggest balls of them all"

Nils Norberg

Nocturnal Rites

"For some years now we been using Engl Special Editon heads along with the Engl cabs. It's the ultimate machine for us when it can change from a brutal kickass rythmtone to a creamy singing leadvoice and everything between in just one flick!! It has no bounderies!!!"

Fredrik Mannberg

Nocturnal Rites

"For some years now we been using Engl Special Editon heads along with the Engl cabs. It's the ultimate machine for us when it can change from a brutal kickass rythmtone to a creamy singing leadvoice and everything between in just one flick!! It has no bounderies!!!"

Der Weg einer Freiheit

With the first tone Engl amps convinced us all across the board. The clear, brilliant, but still very agressive character in the highgain section is by this time an inherent part within our bandsound and creates the necessary pressure for our music. Despite of his quite puristic structure the E625/635 Fireball head allows us to play every kind of musical style, never let us down and has an expressive design.

Ramon Ploeg

Bleeding Gods

With Bleeding Gods I need an extreme amp with full high gain, boost and power. Only ENGL can convince me!



"If you make brutal music you need a brutal amp!"

Igz Kincaid


"When I plugged into my ENGL Blackmore E 650, it was love at first riff. Forget the pedals, forget the effects, this metal doll needs no assistance. Cuts like a switchblade, demands respect like Godzilla, ENGL makes me feel like one of the most dangerous guns in the land; I may not always win the war, but I promise you the battles will be loud."

Joop Wolters

Dan Sugarman

As Blood Runs Black

The quest for the perfect tone has ended, and I am addicted. Every time I plug into my ENGL I am blown away by its sheer power, clarity, and reliability. Whether it be in the jam spot, on stage, or in the studio - ENGL amps always pull through at the top leaving a wake of destruction in its path. I can finally step on stage every night with full confidence in my tone with ENGL amps behind me.

Travis Montgomery

Threat Signal

I've gone through many amplifiers trying to my ideal tone and they just were not quite there ... until I got to ENGL! Crystal clear pristine clean channel, brutal and dynamic rhythm channel, and liquid smooth leads! Everything I could ask for! The Invader 100 never ceases to amaze me. The guys at ENGL really have made the perfect amps!

Mauro Salazar

Tipsy Road

“I simply love the ENGL Ironball E606 for its compact, versatile functionality: the clean settings producing such a warm, silken sound with mysterious feel and touch. Boost it and you get a fully saturated sound experience, darker, richer, roaring, and scorching with the full blast of a thundering sound storm.”

Matthew Davis

The Blackout

"Engl amps always sound the same no matter where and when we turn it on. he gain is earth shattering, the clean is crisp and clear, it's a brilliant sound we can depend on"

James Davis

The Blackout

"Engl amps always sound the same no matter where and when we turn it on. he gain is earth shattering, the clean is crisp and clear, it's a brilliant sound we can depend on"

Michael J Gardner

Figure of Six

The never ending search for brutal tone is over! My Engl Victor Smolski Limited Edition E646 100W Amplifier Head delivers! It has more versatile options for crunch and clean tones than I could ever ask for in a single amp head. It does it all, from pristine cleans to the heaviest of gain and everything in between. I paired this head with the Engl Z-9 footswitch enabling me to have total control over all 4 channels and other onboard features. Bottom line: like Heavy Metal, this head is addictive! Once you play it, nothing else quite fills the void. Thank You Engl for your expertise in guitar amplification.

Matteo Troiano

Figure of Six

"I'm honored to be part of the Engl family! I have been using these weapons for a long time now and i haven't found anything more lethal as for reaping victims on stage or recording killing tracks in studio ... simple, direct, aggressive and safe."

Bruno Spring

The Order

“My Ironball delivers me all the sounds I need on stage and in the studio. I love the clarity, the power and the tightness of this little Lunchbox. After almost 30 years my quest for the perfect tone is finally over. “

Uwe Naboreit

"The Essence of Rock'n'Roll is to trust yourself to be your own guide. Don't listen to what WE say, play ENGL-Amps for yourself and start believing."

Scott Mc Clellan

Nocturnal Rites

"For some years now we been using Engl Special Editon heads along with the Engl cabs. It's the ultimate machine for us when it can change from a brutal kickass rythmtone to a creamy singing leadvoice and everything between in just one flick!! It has no bounderies!!!"

Greg Kirkpatrick

As Blood Runs Black

After being let down by all the other popular amplifiers, I've finally found my home in the rich, powerful Engl tone. Looking for that big professional sound onstage or in the studio? I am confident you will find it in an Engl.

Piotr Brzychy


"The ENGL amplifiers inspire every electric guitar. They stimulate guitarist’s emotions and open listener’s imagination. I have been using this amplifiers for 13 years (11 years – Blackmore Signature and 2 years – Steve Morse Signature) and I am convinced that other amplifiers pose no threat to them."

Erick Avila

Six Magics

"ENGL amps cover every angle of my music, from heavy riffs to lightning solos, including awesome clean tones. It's the best modern amp I know"

Jason Rainey

Sacred Reich

Engl Amps deliver great tone without any hassle. These amps sound amazing! Plug in and crush!

Bastian Ruppert

I just love the warmth and clearness of the E358 Classic Combo`s Clean Channel. And I always thought these guys only build amps to forge the heaviest Metal....

Eric "Kalli" Kaldschmidt


"Since I played ENGL amps for the first time, I'm addicted to them. They deliver fat and punchy mids and lows, silken treble and presence sharp as a knife to cut through any style of metal music. That's why I only use ENGL amps and cabinets. They assure great tone and unique sound anywhere, anytime."

Merel Bechthold

Purest of Pain

Raw, pure, power and diversity are the key words for ENGL-amps. It’s definitely the best amplifier for metal. The sound is amazing and the music gets automatically more energy. What me surprised a lot, is that ENGL-amps are really appropriate for rock, blues and jazz to! The clean as the gain is brilliant! It’s a characteristic sound, if you try a ENGL-amp, you don’t want to use something else.

Christos Antoniou

Septic Flesh

"Engl is by far the "heaviest" metal amp. It sounds unique and acts as a perfect tool both for studio and stage."

Thomas De Bruijn

The Lucifer Principle

"The Powerball Amp is the main part of my sound. This amp has got huge pressure, but still a lot of reserves. Those are needed of me, to create my sound. This is a really nice amp, congratulations to the ENGL develop team."

Connie Andreszka

Ich benutze Engl Amps schon seit Jahren Live und im Studio, und es gibt für mich keine andere Wahl, wenns um Ehrliche ,Frische ,Druckvolle ,Flexible, Sounds geht. Ganz besonders mit der Überwaffe INVADER. Every metal guitar player needs an ENGL amp to convince their crowd!!! My favorite amp is VICTOR SMOLSKI , because it hamonises great with my Jackson guitars.“

Matt Sotelo

Decrepit Birth

"I’ve used a lot of the other amp brands out there in the past and have never been completely satisfied, but when I first tried out an Engl I was sold on the spot. I could tell right away that Engl crafts the most high quality tube amplification on the market today, and don’t forget about that amazing tone! Now I’m proud to say that I finally have that tone for myself in the form of the beautiful Special Edition head. This amp is everything I could need for the studio and onstage! From glassy vintage clean and crunch tones… to tight, massive high gain and I can’t leave out the beautiful, cutting, sweet solo tones… Engl has it all covered! I’m so happy to be a proud Engl user for life!"

Frank Engelmann


"The Retrotube 50 is just exactly the right thing for me. it gives me a lot of different sounds and opportunities in one amp. So finally i don´t need any Distortion Pedals anymore :-) "