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19 hours ago

Engl Amps

Who wouldn‘t want to have a Birthday cake like ENGL endorser Rocky Kramer? #birthdaycake #powerball #eatyouramp #tasty #passionneverdies #wewantonetoo ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Engl Amps

#Repost @siftingofficial with @get_repost
Have you listened to our song “Epsilon” yet? Now you can check the entire play-through out on our IGTV!
Happy proggy weekend!! 🤘🤘🤘
@espguitars #espguitars
@engl_amps #ENGLamps
@paistecymbals #paistecymbals
@audixmics #audixmics
@64audio #64audio
@pighogcables #pighogcables
@intunegp @rnrgangstar @tcheliconofficial @coffincaseofficial
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2 weeks ago

Engl Amps

Check out the new Video of ENGL endorsed Nothgard! Of course with full ENGL Power! Enjoy!Buy Here: Nothgard "Malady X" one shot video from the album "Malady X" (out October 26th, 2018) Produced by: MotionBakery... ... See MoreSee Less

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3 weeks ago

Engl Amps

Size matters!!! #xxl #xxlcabinet #sizematters #englprocabinet #englamps #styleyourstage ... See MoreSee Less

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Great guitar jam video including ENGL endorser Julian Scarcella, Alen Brentini and Ben Granfelt!

Julian Scarcella Music
Do you like online Guitar Jams?
This is the new Rock Jam Video with the amazing musicians: Kenny Serane of, Stefano Sebo Xotta of String24/DV Mark, Alen Brentini (solo artist), Niklas Turmann of Uli Jon Roth/ Crystal Breed, Ben Granfelt (solo artist),Robert Resinek (solo artist) and Julian Scarcella Music (solo artist).
It is such an amazing experience to always see, how other people interpretate your Song/Backing.
The Mix is by Mirko Hofmann of the Horus Sound Studio Hannover. The Backing track is my new upcoming Song „Pentagram“ and it was played by my Band „Brainstorming“ Christoph Witz on Drums and Camil Kieltyka on Bass. I also want to thank Marko Karhu from Mad Professor Amplification, who was so kind to record and preproduce the track of Ben.
If you like the Song feel free like, comment and share the video.
Have a nice day.


Gear Demo:

Kenny Serane:
Strandberg Guitars Boden 6 Original
Elixir Strings
Two notes Audio Engineering Torpedo

Alen Brentini:
Ibanez Germany RG1070PBZ Premium
Engl Amps Invader II
Line 6 Europe Helix LT

Ben Granfelt:
Paoletti Guitars Ben Granfelt custom LOFT SSS
Mad Professor sweet honey Overdrive
Fender Super Reverb

Stefano Sebbo Xotta:
Ibanez RG
DiMarzio Pickups
D'Orazio Strings
vinteck fagocable pro

Niklas Turmann:
Rockinger Guitars Strat
Marshall Amplification JMP MKII Superlead
@Fulltone Effects OCD
Gravity Guitar Picks
Skullstrings - Get the Guitar DNA Powertune

Robert Resinek
Ibanez RG652FMMSF-DPB Prestige
Mesa Boogie Germany Dual Rectifire
D‘Addario Strings
Shure Mics

Julian Scarcella:
Manne guitars Taos
Cordial GmbH Cables
Engl Invader II
sE Electronics SE4
Audio-Technica USA4080
Sennheiser Berlin MD421
Direct Out
Sonar X2
Izotope Ozone


Kenny Serane:

Allen Brentini:

Ben Granfelt:

Stefano Sebbo Xotta:

Niklas Turmann:

Robert Resinek:

Julian Scarcella:

#guitar #guitarjam #jamming #shred #shredguitar #rock #music #amazingmusician
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