Special Edition Preamp E570

The universe of sound built in two rack units, improved for the next generation of ambitious guitar players: The preamp section of the famous E 670 head. 6 basic sounds and 8 switchable soundoptions to store in 128 Midi presets. From Crystal clean through smooth Jazz, from Texas crunch to pounding Rock, from fat Metal- Punch rhythm to screaming Leads. Get ready to Rack íní Roll.

Tube Preamp E530

This 4 channel preamp has much more to offer than just being the heart of a modern Rock rack system. Beside the
convincing clean, crunch and lead tones, a unbalanced recording compensated output helps you to lay your parts straight into the hard drive. A stereo 1,5 watts power amp works with any cabinet or headphone for silent practicing. Technical innovation in a single rackspace!

Tube Poweramp E850/100

A new dimension of power, built in 2 rack units featuring the ENGL sound trademarks to discover new sonic experiences.
100 watts per side, 6L6GC driven including adjustable Depth Boost for low punch sounds and eternal headroom to power your rack system. The perfect base to build the wall of sound.

Tube Poweramp E840/50

This one is a very impressive 2 x 50 watts poweramp. If you like the rich harmonic touch of 5881 power amp tubes, the 840/50 should be your first choice. It delivers a perfect
match of attack & power to give your racksystem the
headroom that is needed.

Tube Poweramp E810/20

This amazing stereo tube poweramp with EL84 power tubes delivering 2 x 20 Watts with two poweramp channels Left and Right comes in a very compact unit through one rack unit height only.

Absolute authentic tube sound due to fully tube technology featuring the typical EL84 sound character!

Versatile sound creation options due to the sound set feature!

Bass Rackhead E1060

The Rackhead 1060 is a full versatile bass amplifier to be used on tour or in a studio. It includes two independent bass amplifiers in one rack for flexibility. A tube preamplifier and a solid-state preamplifier are combined with two class D power amplifiers. Using one bass guitar with two fully different sounds. The two channels can be swapped by pressing only one switch so that there is no need for an external A/B switch or re-plugging to have full access to both sounds. These two channels can also be used from two bass players to play together over only one amp. Additionally, both power amplifiers of the Rackhead 1060 can be combined and fed into one or more cabinets to fill the need for higher sound levels on stage without losing the features of the two independent channels in the preamp stage.

Bass Rackhead E1030

Features at a glance:

Solid – State preamp with Class D poweramplifier, 500 W @ 8 Ohm up to 800 W @ 4 Ohm